Make Your Life Easier with Coffee!

March 26
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Well it's not exactly caffeine, but it is a hidden gem of a module.  Coffee is a contributed module that allows users to navigate through Drupal admin faster.  

Coffee allows the admin to work heavily with keyboard shortcuts (Alt+D or Alt+k) and reduces both the need to navigate using a mouse, and time searching for a specific link or function on the admin toolbar.

Once the popup prompts, the user only has to enter the first few characters of what they're looking for.  

For example, if I wanted to add a new article on the site I would do the following:

Ordinary way

  1. Move hand to mouse
  2. Hover over 'Content'
  3. Hover over 'Add Content'
  4. Select 'Article'


With Coffee

  1. Press: Alt+D
  2. Type: :add article
  3. Press: Enter

That's it!

The last benefit of this module is that drupal developers can leverage it using hook_coffee_commands() to add custom functionalities.