Making Lists, Practice Talking, and Keeping it Simple.

August 30
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Creative Coordinator

Previously I blogged about the importance of breathing and taking breaks, well now it’s time to get back to work! We go through our daily grind working on things here and there, and as our responsibilities evolve, we must learn to manage ourselves in order to stay organized. Essentially it’s about figuring it out. As simple as that sounds, it comes down to focusing on what’s in front of you for a moment, and deciphering your plan of action. The goal is to prevent stress because you can, and it’s easy.

At the beginning of the day, put together a list of things you need accomplished. Look at your list and ask yourself: “If I can only finish one thing on this list, what would it be?” Number your duties and start with the answer to the question. Be realistic with your goals, and cross-out the things you’ve completed. The simple action of crossing-out your to-dos is not only gratifying, but also somewhat motivating as your list starts to diminish.

As your day goes by, take time to talk to your peers about your situation. Communicating your thoughts help flush out the things that are going on inside your head. Your brain works in amazing ways and talking out loud can surprise you as you may say things you didn’t even know you knew. Practice talking and verbalizing your ideas; everything is accomplishable. You may not figure the whole kit and caboodle out in a minute or even an hour, but if you commit to focusing on the topic, something will be achieved.

Try not to overthink things and tackle your goals one at a time. No matter how daunting a goal may seem, just remember to K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid). Don’t fear your list(s), goals are meant to be tough, if they weren’t, they would be considered tasks. And one more thing, remember to breathe, it’s for your health.