Meet the Team: Five Ws with Darrel Dinh

December 27, 2013
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1) Who are you?

My name is Darrel. People in the office call me D-rell. Everyone in my family just calls me a turtle, or affectionately dubbed by my mom, Mr.Tortle. I'm not slow, I'm just the last one out of the house or at a family event due to the number of people living in my household growing up. Imagine Home Alone with more adults moving around.

If you met me for the first time, you'll find that I'm a very reserved person. I don't say much but I'll definitely listen and learn as much about you as you're willing to share. If you met me the second time, you'll find that I am a fast-talker. Not the persuasive kind, just fast.

2) What is your role at Appnovation and what does it entail? What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

I'm a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at Appnovation. I don't go around breaking things I test. That's not QA at all. My job is to analyze and interpret requirements, raise gaps and risks where I see them. I ensure that the team follow the processes set in place and that everyone has a cohesive understanding of the objectives and deliverables as requested by the client. That's part of Quality Control. The other part is quality assurance testing and breaking things... Uh... Actually, QA testing is the step in which we validate requirements and ensure all parts of the system works together as a whole without any unexpected issues.

The other part of my job is mentoring and sharing Quality Assurance knowledge; developing QA processes and practice; supporting team members; and working with the other departments in delivering solutions of well defined quality standards.

3) Where are you located? Where do you hail from originally?

I'm located in a walking commute to the Vancouver office. Almost a Vancouver-native, I lived in Vancouver my whole life starting at the age of almost 1. Some of my youngest memories was seeing False Creek changed for Expo 86.

4) When did you join Appnovation?

I joined Appnovation In October 2012.

5) Why do you do what you do? Why did you decide to join Appnovation?

I joined Appnovation for world domination plans. If anyone else asks, I want to be able to show the value of QA. Quality Assurance has a lot of layers and I don't think that it is fully showcased nor is its value fully understood as a service. I want to be able to show that and Appnovation provides a work environment that allows me to do that, and do it well.

I'm want to elevate how people perceive Quality Assurance and the value it provides. There's no better place than Appnovation to do it. It's an open, collaborate environment that offers a range of solutions from native mobile applications to enterprise-level integrated systems. It uses a highly-adopted open source technology like Drupal and works with forward-technology companies like Hortonworks and Google. That range offers all the opportunity to show what Quality Assurance is all about.