Meet the Team: Five Ws with Ken So

August 26
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1) Who are you?

Hello, my name is Ken, and people usually call me Kenso. I think my name is too short so they couple it with my last name. Outside of work I like to think myself as a gamer. I play quite a few console and PC based games like Diablo 3, Heartstone and NHL 13/14. 

I am a proud member of Vancouver Ultimate League and have been playing ultimate since 2005. I play on two teams Jokers and Pacman. You will often see me in the fields throwing disc around, especially in the summer.


2) What is your role at Appnovation and what does it entail? What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

I am a developer here at Appnovation. This means that I help build solutions for people. A typical day consists of daily scrums, client meetings, and coding away on my computer. I am both a Drupal and an Alfresco developer, so each day brings something a little different. Lately I feel like an ambassador for Appnovation, this is because I have been working a lot off site with both Mercy (in St. Louis, Missouri) and Samsung (Burnaby, BC, Canada) for extended periods.


3) Where are you located? Where do you hail from originally?

I am currently located at the Vancouver office, but I have been on client sites more lately in the past 2.5 years. I was born in the Philippines before I moved to Vancouver, Canada when I was 12. I am three quarters Chinese and a quarter Filipino from my dad's side. I can speak fluent Tagalog and a little bit of Mandarin, and Fookien.


4) When did you join Appnovation?

I joined Appnovation back in 2007 when they had just moved to the 2nd office. I have been through a couple of moves with the company and am looking forward to when we move to an even bigger space.


5) Why do you do what you do? Why did you decide to join Appnovation?

In my BCIT days, Jon and I worked for Arnold, our project sponsor, on the "How Will It End" project. After the project, Arnold asked if I knew HTML or PHP. I said not much and introduced a couple of guys in my class. Arnold, Afraaz, David and I met up at McDonalds to discuss what eventually led to Appnovation Technologies. David and I were working on our degrees and joined shortly after they started.

I have always loved gaming, I planned on making games when I was a kid. In high school, I picked Information Technologies as one of my courses and that developed into a love of making software. After taking BCIT's Computer Systems, I was hooked on development and here I am working for one of the top web development companies.