"Mobifying" Drupal Sites with Mobify.Me

July 22
blog author

Arnold Leung


For the past few months, we have been looking into ways to help our clients optimize their web sites for the mobile world. The ever-increasing popularity of web-accessible mobile phones is motivating a swift revolution for such "mobification." In the past, the best way for optimizing a Drupal site for the mobile would be to use the Mobile Theme and use Domain Access. This would allow you to build a site such that m.YourSite.com will go to the site with the mobile theme. However, there is a new tool available which allows for the simple optimization of web sites for the mobile world. This tool is called Mobify.me. With this tool, you can mobify your Drupal site in a few easy steps:

1) Enter the URL for your web site;

2) Select the content areas in the web site screen shot which you would like to show on the mobile device;

3) Tweak the CSS as it fits based on the emulated iPhone/Mobile view of the selected content areas;

4) Add the Drupal plugin to your Drupal site. (note: plugins are available for Drupal, Wordpress and Express Engine) The JavaScript snippet will detect whether a user is using a mobile device or not. If a user is using a mobile device, then he/she will be redirected to m.YOURWEBSITE.com which pulls information via the Mobify server. The Mobify server will respond with the optimized versions of the web page. In such a way, the web site can be easily mobified without installing themes. It also allows for the easy tweaking of the mobile look.