My favorite mobile apps

January 3, 2013
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Solutions Architect

Today, if you own any kind of a mobile gadget then mobile applications are part of your day to day life. I use my mobile phone to read the news, do my banking, get directions for public transit and read reddit :) Following are some of my favourite applications on my iPhone 4.

  • Alien Blue - If you are an avid redditor then you know what I am talking about. Alien Blue is a feature packed client to browse reddit. It has been developed by Jason Morissey. The reason I like this app is because it is very easy to use. Most of the time in a single tap I can reach the subreddit I want to read.
  • Google Maps - This used to be a default app till iOS 5. In iOS 6 it was discontinued and I was forced to use other default map app which was not at par with Google Maps app. Thankfully, Google submitted their new version of Google Maps app to the appstore few weeks back and it was available for download. I love this app because it gives me directions when I am using a car, when I am using public transit and when I want to walk. All three solutions are in the same app. Also, the quality of maps provided are much better than other mapping solutions.
  • RBC Mobile - If you bank with Royal Bank of Canada, their day to day banking app is very good. It is intuitive and very easy to use. I can pay my bills with a few taps, transfer funds between my accounts with ease and get a summary of all my accounts on one screen. This app also allows you to login to your direct investment account if you have one. Sometimes when I want to deposit a check this app will let me find the nearest Royal Bank location.
  • Groupon - If you are into buying Groupon vouchers you will love this app. Buying a deal voucher is just one tap. In addition to buying deal of the days it will also show you deals that are nearby your current location.
  • Angry Birds - This is my favourite game on my phone. It has phenomenal graphics. The time required to play each game is minimal. It is a perfect game to play while you are travelling in public transit.

Some other apps that I use quite a often on my phone are Jasmine - YouTube Client, LinkedIn, TweetDeck, Facebook and