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New Bushmeat.Org Launched on Drupal 6!

By aleung
Aug. 13, 2009

We have just launched the new Bushmeat.org web site for the DC based non-profit Conservation International. As per our last blog post, the site involves migration from the Plumtree CMS to Drupal.

We conducted an information architecture analysis on the site and also made some major modifications to the site design. Our information architecture analysis, identified areas where users can easily be lost while navigating the site. Based on the findings, the navigation structure has been majorly updated. The biggest challenges that we faced while working the project include:

1) A majority of the documents on the site reside on the Plumtree system in a file folder structure. These documents do not reside on a database and therefore cannot be easily exported. A lot of these files need to be manually migrated and added to the Drupal CMS.

2) The Plumtree system is an older system and there is limited documentation on how data is stored.

3) There is limited access to the existing template files and most of the CSS needs to be re-built from scratch. Beyond this, most of the web site functionalities are for pure content management purposes.

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