Placing Drupal Content into a Tabs Interface

November 30
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Lead Developer

These days, one of the more popular ways to display content is through a tabbed interface. It allows a user to add more content to their web page, but simultaneously organize it to only display the most relevant information first. There are multiple jQuery plugins that will achieve the desired basic look of multiple tab blocks on a page, and others offer extensibility to do custom behaviors. The most recent plugin I used is called jtabber. The page offers straightforward implementation instructions, which basically consists of enclosing blocks in the proper div tags, and the script takes care of the rest. You can also customize the behavior (fade vs. slide) and use the standard .animate() js function to do sliding from the left as opposed to up or down.

$("#"+contentDivId).animate({ width: 'show' }, {duration: effectSpeed});

Share your most, or least, favorite jQuery plugin to achieve a tabbed interface here.