Project Management for Drupal

April 7
blog author


SVP of Global Operations

I would like to hear how others are approaching Drupal project management. As a project manager I always look out for best practices so I can work them into my own process. I have not come across a single document online that discusses the specifics of managing multiple Drupal projects through to completion. There are a number of factors faced in every project, but two factors that seem specific to Drupal-type projects are distributions of work, and identifying milestones. Basic project management ideas that also apply to Drupal project management:

  • Resources People, equipment, material;
  • Time Task durations, dependencies, critical path;
  • Money Costs, contingencies, profit, risk;
  • Scope Project size, goals, requirements;

I would like to hone my system for progress evaluation related to Drupal project management. Thanks for any suggestions on this process.