Sneak Peek of Drupal Camp Vancouver 2012: Drupal+Sproutcore

April 25, 2012
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Project Manager

This year’s Drupal Camp is coming to Vancouver on June 2!

I'm hoping to be giving a talk on an interesting topic that inspires new ideas and sets a new paradigm to web development and UI designs. Proposal was submitted, now just waiting for approval. Indeed, it's an exciting opportunity. Here is a snippet to the opening:

“Drupal and Sproutcore is a power couple; bridging the gaps between data management and interactive UI, thus delivering the users a full Rich Internet Application (RIA). The days where web applications only live on servers are gone, and the days when web applications needed additional browser extensions are gone too.”


It is very true that with the power of Drupal and Sproutcore, we can easily develop web applications with very similar, or should I say, almost behaves like a traditional Desktop application! So what does this entail? Short answer is – we can integrate a higher degree of interactive designs into our application, while maintaining a strong data management component and excellent application-wide performance. And the long answer? Well, I’m going to save this for Drupal Camp Vancouver! Stay tuned...

If you are interested in the topic, please come join me at Drupal Camp!

For more information about the Talk and Drupal Camp Vancouver, you can visit Drupal Camp Vancouver.