Top-5 List of Magento 2 Services

July 10
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In recognition of the strong Magento community, we’ve put together a Top-5 List of Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings we’ve utilized on our clients’ Magento sites.

Let’s start with a definition of an SaaS offering by detailing its five aspects:

1. Installation of a Magento 2 extension: While it may take some time to install, the extension itself is free to download.

2. Configuration of the extension: Tuning the extension to function properly for each client in its environment

3. Enhancement of the extension: In some cases, the extension itself may need to be enhanced (extended) to function to each businesses needs. Sometimes the provider will make those updates, while other times we (Appnovation) will makes those enhancements.

4. Monthly Fee: Each offering comes with a monthly fee, some based on transaction volume, others based on sales.

5. Review of performance: In terms of continual improvement, we’ll ensure the extension function at an optimal level for your business KPIs.

Naturally, it was difficult to pare this list down to only a “Best in Class” Top-5, versus a Top-10. There is an amazing number of Magento Offerings worthy of praise. The idea of this posting is to recognize the more general offerings, the ones that could be included in any (all?) Magento builds. We’ll take time in future articles to review more specific feature related extensions.

Without further ado, in reverse alphabetical order…

1) User Generated Content: Yotpo (link:

Yotpo is a reviews and user-generated content (UGC) platform for online businesses. Yotpo helps Magento stores get tons of user-generated content -- like reviews, Q&A and photos -- and amplify it all over the web to drive traffic and increase sales. These features are complemented by Yotpo’s Visual Marketing Suite which includes Instagram curation and shoppable images.

2) Loyalty and Rewards: (formerly Sweet Tooth) (link: allows merchants to incentivize their customer’s engagement and increase retention through loyalty. It really expands Magento’s OOTB capabilities with rewarding customers for making purchases, sharing and following on social media, referring friends, registering an account, leaving product reviews and more. It gives your customers exclusive benefits when they spend a certain amount of money or earn a certain number of points - discounts, free products and free shipping can go a long way! helps you create a branded community for your customers where they feel valued, increasing your retention through more sales and customer spending.

3) Shipping Rates and Rules: ShipperHQ (link:

ShipperHQ is a logical, easy to manage interface for all of your eCommerce shipping rates and options. Most importantly, ShipperHQ allows one to set your own carrier rules, discounts, promotions, and markups. Also, allows for box sizes for more accurate rates with dimensional shipping. Another great feature is one that allows your customers to choose a specific date and time for deliveries. Naturally, built-in address verification is a real “Nice to Have”. Another ShipperHQ differentiator is its live LTL rates capabilities.

4) Digital Marketing: dotMailer (link:

dotMailer provides ecommerce and marketing teams with robust, innovative yet user-friendly technology to do smarter B2C and B2B marketing. Build automation campaigns, beautiful emails and optimized landing pages with our easy-to-use drag & drop UI interface. Quickly create advanced segments using demographical, transactional, geographical and other data sources. Maximize Customer Lifetime Value with automated abandonment, re-engagement and loyalty campaigns.

5) Tax Calculations: Avalara (link:

Avalara’s tax decision engine automatically determines the correct real-time sales tax based on your customer information, what is being sold, and how it’s being shipped; automatically populating the order for your clients within your Magento shopping cart. That means you don’t have to maintain anything or make any tough decisions on how a product/service is taxed by a state/local jurisdiction, AvaTax handles that for you.


And, a bonus to round out to a Top-6 Magento SaaS offerings…

While this next service may not be viable on every build, it certainly makes life easier for any of those clients that have Dropship or EDI needs.

DropShip automation: Logic Broker (link:

Magento merchants can now experience complete EDI and drop ship automation with suppliers & 3PLs. Logicbroker allows Magento merchants to easily send and receive orders, tracking information, acknowledgments, and inventory via CSV, XML, EDI, the Logicbroker API or a web-based supplier portal. With Logicbroker, Magento merchants can easily sell virtual inventory and enjoy a nearly touch-less drop ship relationship with suppliers.

Feel free to message me with questions or inquiries.