Useful Views jQuery Plugins

January 14, 2010
blog author



There are a couple plugins I’ve found myself using a lot lately; Carousel and Slideshow. These plugins are documented very well and can easily be found by searching google. But these plugins also have very useful Views plugins as well. All you need to do is enable the module and select either Carousel or Slideshow as your Views style. There is a D5 and D6 version of each module, but I haven’t used these in D5 yet. The D6 version has all the settings you would usually set in Javascript. After selecting the style, it will list all available settings; timing, effect, etc. I would imagine the settings are similar is D5. Carousel is in development at the moment, but the basic functionality is there and I haven’t noticed any issues with it while using it. Writing the JS for these can take a little extra time, but with the Views plugins, its only a click away. You can find the modules here. Views Carousel Views Slideshow