WE Step Up for Kanambu, Ecuador

August 9, 2016
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Senior Development Specialist

Recently, Appnovation selected WE (formerly Free the Children) as a global community engagement partner, voted upon by our staff. This partnership was formed as part of our Corporate Citizenship program, to stimulate employee engagement, conversations about important issues, and charitable giving amongst our Appno communities.

WE’s mission is to empower individuals to make an impact, be it locally or globally, by supporting causes that are vital to development. Through their re-brand from Free the Children to WE, the organization has put an emphasis on including companies and CSR programs into the movement. As a WE Company, Appnovation is committed to supporting fundraising, volunteering, and advocacy where we practice business, as well as internationally.

In order to track our impact and measure the success of our CSR activities, Appnovation worked with WE to identify one global project that our efforts could support long-term. Our staff voted and selected to help build a clean water system in Kanambu, Ecuador, with other WE partners. This project helps support the pillar of clean water under the WE Villages model. Moving away from our traditional corporate responsibility plan of creating change through technology and innovation, this project is altogether different, which many of our staff deemed as interesting and important.

This month we’re launching our first global fundraising campaign through WE Step Up, which aims to get our Appnovators fit, happy, and involved in raising support for Kanambu. Our challenge pins Appnovators from around the globe to compete for the most steps over the month of August, while collecting pledges and donations for their step journey along the way. Each participant is responsible for committing to individual several thousand steps-per-day quota ranging from 5000-12,000!) quotas, which can be measured using any step tracking device. We have, of course, enticed our staff by offering prizes to employees with the most steps tracked and donations raised by August 31; the best prize, however, will be our collective impact in supporting this pillar.

Some staff members have been extra creative in launching their fundraising campaigns. For instance, a few Appnovators have committed to increasing their daily step count upon meeting donation thresholds or by making personal milestones, such as pounds lost.

WE Step Up and our connection to Kanambu is just one way in which we can demonstrate our social responsibility of giving back. As a company we are also active in our local communities, which is evident in our volunteering and advocacy efforts. We continue to instill this value in our workforce as an active corporate citizen, and look forward to the ways in which we can grow our own movement with WE.

We’ll continue to provide updates as to how many steps taken and dollars we’ve raised as a company for Kanambu, so stay tuned. If you’re interested in following the progress of our challenge or checking in with participants, get social!

We’re using the hashtags #AppnoFitFam#WEStepUp and #WeDevelopChange all month long, follow along:

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