What we Learned at IRCE 2017


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June 26
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Another year, another IRCE here in Chicago…

As they always seem to, this conference was no different in that it flew by with lots of great conversations, reigniting old friendships and gaining new ones.

I find that walking the expo floor and having these engaging conversations always leads to some great insight.

So without further ado, the top-7 nuggets learned at this year’s IRCE:

1. Magento continues to gain market share—especially in the upstream

2. B2B has once again been confirmed as a massive opportunity with only the digital portion of B2B expected to be greater than all of B2C

3. Brick & Mortar needs to pivot in any number of ways to continue to be relevant: a. Downsize or Boutique-size b. More engaging showrooms c. Utilize extra floor space with warehousing (Wal-mart) or mixed-use (Staples and office / workspace Rental)

4. Online only stores moving to build out Brick & Mortar

5. There seemed to be fewer merchants this year—though, I have no hard data to prove that out

6. Personalization trends to a must have versus a nice to have—keep those customers in a unique and special shopping experience

7. Amazon as a friend, not a foe I share these thoughts as we (Appnovation) have also seen these trends in the real world.

It’s nice to see our hard work backed by other industry experts. As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions, thoughts, or just want to chat.

See everyone again next year at IRCE 2018!