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Why Alfresco ECM is the Best Choice for High Tech Firms

By jjian
Mar. 31, 2014

1. Lower Cost

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is traditionally thought of as very expensive because of the license, hardware, and supporting applications. Alfresco is built as open-source, meaning companies using it as their ECM do not need to pay for the licensing of it, or the supporting software in the underlying stack. The price of Alfresco support is calculated by CPU time, rather than number of users.

2. Greater Simplicity

Alfresco development is easy to deploy, implement, and maintain; it provides the installer for most operating systems, supporting most known databases. There are multiple management interfaces for admin to monitor the repository and operations of users. Alfresco can also be customized on different levels with multiple aspects: Java, Java script, templates, web page, database, clustering configuration, etc. It is much easier for a high tech firm to build the customizations.

3. Better Security

Since Alfresco is based on open source, the security of the application is guaranteed. Also, Alfresco provides hot-fix and upgrades for any bugs that need to be fixed.

4. Rich Add-ons from Community

Many community developers are working on Alfresco, so the number of collaboration tools and add-ons are always increasing. With community contributions organizations are able to implement a variety of solutions and tools based on varied business strategies.

5. Compatibility

Alfresco is compatible with most commonly used operating systems like Linux and Windows; it can be fully integrated with an organization's office suites like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org. Administrators can easily maintain Alfresco while users continue to use familiar applications to complete their day-to-day tasks with Alfresco collaboration.

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