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Congratulations to MuleSoft for raising $128M!

Appnovation wants to congratulate one of our key strategic partners, MuleSoft, on its enormous $128 million investment today. MuleSoft is one of Appnovation’s key strategic partners, who we work with closely as a reseller as well as an implementation partner.

Less & Grunt for Drupal Noobs

This tutorial is for how to set up Less and Grunt for your Drupal theming project.

Step 1. Get Node.js

Go to As a mac user, just use the installer and click away.
This will allow you to use the npm command.

Step 2. Get Grunt.js

Open a terminal and run the command:
sudo npm install -g grunt
This will put the grunt command into your command path.

A Month with the Moto360

So I entered into the world of smart watches with the purchase of a Moto360 a little over a month ago now and expected a revelation in my life.

To set some context, I do wear a watch on a daily basis and do own a few which I like to wear for different occasions or in fact activities. I am a bona fide technology geek and love new tech ;)

That said, what does the smart watch need to do at its basics:

Bower, Composer and Gulp - Match made in Heaven?

Being a backend Drupal specialist, I normally do not get too involved in the frontend side of things but being a well rounded technical resource I just cannot ignore tools which make life that much easier on projects. Three tools I am going to talk about briefly are:


Bower is targeted as being a frontend package manager much like Composer. The idea behind Bower is to allow for a much cleaner dependency management and update there of, of all dependencies required on your project.

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