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On November 19th, Appnovation held their 1st ever Drupal Code Sprint Day, another sign of Appnovation's strong commitment to the Drupal open source community.

Working for a high growth services company can be an exciting prospect. As many of our current employees know, the interviews are frequent but thorough.

When it comes to the Drupal community, it’s all about contributions and the communal effort to champion open source technologies. So, as Appnovation is joining forces with Wunderkraut Benelux, it is clear that both companies are committed to the advancement of Drupal.

In a world that has shifted from conventional computing to mobile surfing, companies are regularly asking themselves: "Do we need a mobile app?". Everyone uses apps nowadays, and the experience is often better than the websites we visit, so surely every company must need one, right? Well, that depends…

WE Day is a one day celebration of purpose and service, held in 16 cities around world throughout the school year.

With fast growth, aggressive global expansion targets, and new projects constantly hitting the dashboard, it’s sometimes hard to take a breath and focus on your own personal career development.


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