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Corporate Citizenship

To Appnovation, Corporate Citizenship represents a real commitment; a commitment to being active in our communities, a commitment to fulfill our social duties and contribute to worthy causes. As a company, we want to put into practice our desire to act as a force for good.

Words are only as powerful as the actions they inspire, and to Appnovation, action is everything. Having a sense of responsibility within our local communities, and to the world as a whole, is important to us.

To further our charitable initiatives, we want to form partnerships with other agents, especially those who share our interest in harnessing the power of technology to create positive change.

Our global presence ensures that our technical expertise is not limited by geography, spanning many countries and industries, including education, healthcare, governance, and more.

What is Corporate Citizenship

Donating Development Hours
Donating Development Hours
As part of our charitable initiative, we donate developer’s hours to to our non-profit partners, for website design, development, and maintenance.
Though we think about local issues, as a global company, we also like to think about the global picture. Our teams give back to their Appnovation communities, in partnership with local charities and non-profits, by donating their time toward valuable causes.

As a WE Company, we are committed to participating in one global and one local action each year. We are currently supporting the construction of a clean water system in Kanambu, Ecuador, in partnership with WE Charity.

Issues such as the lack of women in STEM and access to affordable technology are important to our staff. We work with organizations such as Technovation to ensure we support the causes our staff care about.
Are you a motivated non-profit/charity organization that has a project idea in mind? If that’s you, contact us!
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