Appnovation and Dans La Rue: Working Together, Making a Difference


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February 15
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Appnovation and Dans La Rue: Working Together, Making a Difference

Last week, our Appnovation Montreal team welcomed local community partner Dans la Rue (DLR) to our office for the afternoon.The gathering this was the result of a program spearheaded by Appnovation and DLR. The program was designed by the team at Appnovation to give at-risk youth a feel for the modern work environment, office culture, different roles/responsibilities, tech, innovation etc.

Ultimately, the hope is that the experience will help ignite a spark in people, in order to inspire them to take the necessary steps to enter the workforce.

To give a little more content, the young people who visited the office are already in education and/or other programs offered by DLR,  and are looking to take the next step in leading more autonomous lives, something Appnovation is hoping to be a part of. They joined us for our office lunch, during which Appnovation employee Faisal provided an overview of who we are, and what we do. Additionally, several other colleagues and members of our senior management team were on hand to answer a number of questions around tech, company etc.

Following the intro session, the attendees (based on their previously expressed interests) were paired off with a few of our PMs, Devs, and Operations teams for brief role shadowing sessions. All in all the program was very successful, with positive feedback received from DLR, who believe this initiative can play a pivotal role in guiding youth in the right direction, as it relates to re-entering the workforce.

We're truly excited about the initiative and hoping to positively impact many lives, as we hope to host further such events throughout the year, continuing our commitment to local community initiatives.