Generative AI and Google

Appnovation, a global digital partner today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud to develop new generative AI services. Through the partnership, Appnovation will help brands advance their businesses with generative AI strategies and go to market with AI-powered solutions and experiences that solve business needs. 

Appnovation is already working with clients to implement generative AI strategies and solutions using Google Cloud’s AI technologies. With a focus on integrating disruptive AI technologies into existing business processes and models, these solutions will provide more efficiency, better experiences and ease of use for all users.

“More and more often, clients are coming to us to understand how generative AI could benefit their business. As a digital partner, we’re not only helping businesses understand the possibilities, but also building solutions that make an impact today and lay the foundation for future success” said Yvette Yanne, EVP Innovation & Transformation at Appnovation. “Our partnership with Google Cloud will enable the Appnovation team to provide strategy and build and deploy generative AI-powered solutions for clients, ultimately helping them advance and accelerate.”

“It is exciting to know that Appnovation will be able to help some of the world’s most recognized brands accelerate their generative AI adoption using Google Cloud's technologies,” said Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partners Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud. “We are proud to expand our work together and look forward to the impact Appnovation will have on industries like health, consumer goods, and more.”

Appnovation’s technology team will implement a variety of Google Cloud technologies to build AI solutions. As an Application Development Specialized partner, we have the Google Cloud-validated skills to help brands bring even the boldest ideas to life. 

To learn more about Appnovation’s AI capabilities, click here.

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Laura Jeffery
VP, Communications