Composable Tech: Why Boardrooms Should Pay Attention And How To Get Started

Many of us have spent at least a few hours playing with Lego. Part of Lego's appeal is that you can build exactly what you want. You can create a dinosaur one minute and a spaceship the next. 

It's this agility that gives composable technology — a modular, responsive and open form architecture — its strength. Aptly enough, it's also an approach that Lego uses. Since migrating to an API-led, cloud-based, headless platform in 2019, Lego has enjoyed meteoric growth. Its e-commerce system, once buckling under the weight of demand, is now able to process 2,000 orders per minute, and the company recently logged a 46% growth in year-over-year revenue.

In my latest Forbes article, I explore why a composable technology approach is the gold standard and why leaders should be paying attention. 





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