Success for Sesame Street Phase 2 Project


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August 9
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Success for Sesame Street Phase 2 Project

Having enjoyed a successful first phase, Appnovation has now completed Phase 2 of the Sesame Street project. So, in the true spirit of this great children's learning portal, let me tell you how we got, how we got to this stage...

With a multitude of memorable improvements involved, some of the highlights of this Drupal 7 project,  included the completion of the iOS/Android app integration, and the successful Roku app integration elements.

As well as these highlights, there were several other areas that the Phase 2 project incorporated:

  • Art Direction 
  • Registered User Privileges 
  • Parents Site Section

This final part enables parents to keep an ongoing eye on, and track of activities, and also monitor and assess the progress of child users, while simultaneously learning about new topics on child development. 

As well as adding aesthetic value to the site, Phase 2 enabled further improvements in terms of access, security (kids access), and new subject matter development, always worthwhile and important for a dynamic site such as Sesame Street. 

In due course, a case study outlining the project will be made available on our site, further showcasing what was done, how it improved the site and, ultimately, how excellent this online destination of fun and learning for kids really is.