Business Challenge

Alpro was looking for a new global website which matched its positioning - with key areas being design, content management system and conversion capabilities. Focusing on changing the story, moving from ‘alternative’ products to a branding experience that engaged their audience.

Our Approach

Appnovation worked on the new, with a complete redesign matching the new brand, renovating the entire navigation, look and feel and technology stack, successfully creating and deploying to multiple countries, a modular and future-proof website. 

Site editors can easily create a new page by bringing together components designed and developed by Appnovation, that can be easily customized. 

As the central hub to all of Alpro's digital brand channels, the website communicates the values, mission, products and tone of voice of the overarching brand and strategy.

Customer Outcome

Connecting brand to lifestyle.

The focus on a new story, underpinned by Alpro’s original vision, will help the move from ‘alternative’ to ‘lifestyle’ products, as they educate and empower people to put plants first as a meaningful step to change the world.

The beautiful, easy to use, redesigned site has a more streamlined layout, designed to allow consumption of important information more naturally, with content based on lifestyle to health and sustainable living, creating a strong connection through values and delivering a brand experience that can engage, inspire and be shared.


Belgium company to integrate the ‘One Planet Thinking’ concept into its business strategy.

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