Business Challenge

Genome’s idea of a digital solution was the creation of an innovative, 3D interactive model of the male pelvis. Why? To, enable urologists to rotate, zoom and explore anatomical features as a way of facilitating the explanation of a patient’s condition, treatment options and prognosis. GenomeDx identified that a mobile health app that utilizes dynamic 3D imagery could transform patient consults by acting as a tool to facilitate physician and patient interactions, improving physicians’ explanations and patients’ understanding. 

Our Approach

For GenomeDX, the goal was to deliver a 3D experience that would change lives, from diagnosis to prognosis, a truly revolutionary digital solution for patients and physicians. 

The result is an iPad app that can be used across the continuum of urology patient care from early discussion of symptoms to diagnosis and treatment options through to post-treatment prognosis. 

Customer Outcome

Transforming the physician-patient interaction, the app helps physicians to explain conditions and helps patients to understand and retain the information, personalize their treatment plans and make more informed decisions about next steps in managing treatment, enhancing the patient healthcare experience. 


of patients use technology to manage their health.

233,000: projected number of new prostate cancer diagnoses per year