NRG Energy

Business Challenge

For NRG Energy, corporate agility represents a key part of keeping their solar power business lit up. We were happy to join them, and shed some light on their need for a digital solution.

NRG Solar is the largest division of NRG Energy, and one of the largest solar companies in the world. NRG Energy (NRG) is a Fortune 300 energy company known for being the largest solar power developer in America. NRG’s specialized power generating facilities can support 40 million homes. 


Our Approach & Customer Outcome

Needing a digital software solution, and a partner to help build it, the NRG teamed with Appnovation. After close collaboration with their solar division, the project strategy was devised: develop a custom intranet, feature rich and functionally seamless, including an upgrade to the Alfresco Enterprise Edition from Community.

What did NRG need? as  one of the leading global solar energy companies, they needed an innovative digital solution, to advance their company intranet, and create an online experience for their employees. What did this entail? Creating a bespoke, finely tuned UX, and upgrading their Alfresco platform, and consulting on how to radically improve their corporate agility.  

For us, it was time to shine a light on NRG Solar’s corporate agility, and give some digital power to their solar business. Using our innovative technology acumen, we designed and developed a tailor-made, customized intranet solution. Offering an Alfresco platform upgrade, corporate agility readiness, and an IT overhaul to create a true digital experience for everyone at NRG Solar. 

NRG Energy