Office Relief

Business Challenge

Selling ergonomic, comfortable office furniture is all about delivering comfort, and Office Relief are the experts.. Having an eCommerce platform that gives their customers an equally comfortable  that’s where we came in.

Office Relief needed to dramatically improve their digital online presence, and delivery a superior user experience for their customers. With deliverables including enhancing overall site capabilities, and using innovative technology to upgrade the performance of the client’s eCommerce Magento platform, an all encompassing solution was needed, and our digital transformation strategy was devised, ready for delivery. So, if you are sitting comfortably, read on.

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

As a B2B online retailer, Office Relief needed more than just a standard eCommerce platform, they required a digital experience for their discerning clients. Working closely with the client’s eCommerce team we discussed their business requirements and finalized their Business to Business environment needs, selecting Magento as the platform.. What did they need?  A digital solution, delivering a platform to increase eCommerce sales and performances, integrations to SAP, Salesforce, and PayMetric for Payment Processing.

Our multi-layered project included design, development and UX elements. Delivering a true digital transformation for Office Relief also included our expertise in upgrading site functionality, creating a scalable, with mobile platform optimization, responsive design, and a feature rich, customized, Magento based digital eCommerce experience. In short? Advancing our client’s eCommerce business, through technological innovation. 

Delivered to Office Relief was a fully upgraded online shopping experience that was an expandable, scalable platform that came with content control functionality, integrated core business metrics, responsively designed for better mobile buying and, contained more customized features specific to the appeal of Office Relief's customer profile.

Office Relief