Project Management Institute, PMI

Business Challenge

Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project, program and portfolio management profession. PMI were seeking digital solutions to help them develop and implement a new document management system based on Alfresco. 

With the additional requirement of designing a repository to leverage large quantities of documents and digital assets, a multi-layered project developed, with several digital solutions emerging. 

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

PMI had a clear vision, looking to both develop and implement a document management system based on Alfresco. PMI needed to design a repository, the ‘Knowledge Asset Solution’ (KAS) to leverage a large quantity of documents and digital assets, but needed the digital delivery expertize of our team to implement and deliver results. 

Our Managed Services Support requirements included: highly available solution; high level of security; restricted access from specific sites only; and, automated backup solution.

As well as the results of the digital solutions, our support and maintenance managed services implemented: virtual private cloud (VPC) in Amazon Web Services (AWS); load balanced application server pool; database and file storage in separate restricted access subnets; provided an Increased level of security for data at rest; VPN’s configured to various external project stakeholder sites in order to provide access to the solution. In some cases this required NAT rewrite rules in order to avoid RFC1918 address conflicts; replica development and staging environments; and, continuous deployment for implementing updates to development and staging.

Furthermore we provided: scheduled critical data backup; image backup of all servers; system updates for security patches; application update schedule; production code; deployment services and procedure; ongoing bug fixes and feature enhancements; and, 24/7 maintenance and support.


 Project Management Institute