Quitter's Circle

Business Challenge

Pfizer, Inc. is an American multinational pharmaceutical corporation. Their global portfolio includes medicines and vaccines as well as many of the world's best-known consumer health care products such as Advil, ChapStick, and Centrum.

Quitter’s Circle (a partnership between Pfizer and the American Lung Association) needed to create a community, a forum to support people looking to quit cigarettes. The solution? A cross-platform mobile app for an online community, built to help smokers face common obstacles associated with quitting, offering educational, social and financial support. 

The goal? Great use of the digital ecosystem, leveraging social to allow smokers, with a few user friendly clicks, to join a “quit” team with friends and family, access resources to connect with a healthcare provider, and crowdsource funds to support the cost of a quit attempt. A digital solution to a physical addiction. 

Our Approach

Quitting smoking is a challenge. Finding a way to help people, that’s where Quitter’s Circle came in. The goal? To design and create , in partnership with the American Lung Association, an online community designed to help smokers quit, through educational, social and financial support. The challenge? To create, engage, and inform an online community dedicated to quitting. Community, resources access to a healthcare provider access...all part of the road to quitting success.  

Customer Outcome

With a comprehensive suite of support available across platforms, the digital ecosystem and leveraging social, users can receive support on good and bad days, and Supporters can lean in and help their Quitter stay motivated with just a few clicks, encouraging them to reach their goal of smokefree living. 


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