Sesame Street

Business Challenge

Sesame Street, part of so many childhood memories, the ultimate combination of fun and learning.  When you’re dealing with such a treasured brand, loved by children around the world, nothing can be left to chance. Experience design must be brand-loyal, access must be secure, and user interface at the epicentre of the project.

Our Approach

Look, learn, love. With a multitude of memorable improvements involved, including the completion of a newly designed, iOS/Android app integration, and the successful Roku app integration element, Appnovation provided Sesame Workshop with a more modern content management system that allows for scalability of their site while maintaining flexibility. Sesame Street delivers an experience to remember with multi-platform access, for a global audience in over 70+ languages. 

Customer Outcome

The new site gives their programming and content management teams easier access and control over their large volume of assets, allowing them to continue helping young children prepare for school with a head start on their ABCs and 123s.


Years teaching kids around the world timeless lessons around respect, opportunity and joy.

Sesame Workshop

We’re pleased to work with Appnovation to help manage the engaging educational media we produce for children around the world - content that helps them grow smarter, stronger and kinder.

Shadrach Kisten

SVP, Information Technology, Sesame Workshop