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Business Challenge

With a goal to increase the exposure of companies to work experience and training trajectories, Voka started the WELT project in 2016. 

At the same time, the various trajectory counselling tools would also need to be refreshed and given their own home in the WELT platform.

Appnovation was given the opportunity to work together with Voka on this project.


Our Approach

We started the project together with Imec, by way of a research phase including user interviews. This was how we developed the concept for the platform.

As the foundation for the trajectory counselling, the digital platform was designed and developed to fulfil a variety of needs and function as a central entry point. Containing a great deal of information for the various target groups, the digital experience was key, ensuring that employers are able to see a complete visual representation of the trajectory. 

Dashboards, always running the latest updates customised to the various target groups, were designed to trigger the users to actively get to work.


Customer Outcome

As a result of the digital strategy implemented, documents were made easy to add, locate and consult. Personalised content is now available for the logged-in user, with displayed content specifically geared to the needs of the project.

It was also important to integrate Voka's existing CRM system, with all Voka employers now involved as users, greatly increasing overall interaction.



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