World Wildlife Fund

Business Challenge

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a global organization, protecting nature by tackling the issues endangering our planet...and educating our populations is where this crusade begins. For the World Wildlife Fund, giving people access to information about the reasons for what they do, is critical. With the Adaptive Learning Platform, education is at the center, and the digital experience is critical.  Whether a multilingual capability, or intuitive navigation delivering a seamless user experience, WWF needed a digital solution that would bring nature to the world, and education about our world, to the masses. 

What did WWF need? A platform to engage the user, widen the community, enliven the discussion, facilitate education about our natural world, and inform about nature, in all its glory. Our plan: to create that platform, contribute to progress, and bring a new audience capability to our client and their cause. Our solution: a digital transformation of design, development and integration. 

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

Designing an experience, not just a website, that was our goal. So what did we do?  WWF had a commitment to community, and our development respected and reflected that. Multilingual functionality, embracing inclusivity; forums, blogs, and communal online spaces for debate, discussion, education, information sharing. Throw in some messaging capabilities,  and a WWF adaptive learning platform is released into the wild. 

In summary, multiple community tools were integrated, feature enhancements were rolled out for groups, forums, blogs and messaging, multi-lingual functionality was implemented and, a design upgrade performed to provide a better overall user experience. 

World Wildlife Fund