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Business Challenges

ZNA, one of the largest hospitals network in Flemish region, Belgium, wanted to modernise the look of their website and simplify its navigation.

As a network of hospitals, it has a ZNA-wide offering but not every hospital has every medical department. The difficulty was in keeping users informed of what section of the website they found themselves in - ZNA-wide or hospital-specific.

The second requirement was an ability to customise every page of the hospital to highlight specific strengths, despite the fact that multiple hospitals within the network offered the same treatments.

How We Helped

Appnovation was contracted to design, develop, and theme the site. The most important technical tasks evolved around search functionality, customisation and integration of web service feeding information about doctors, as well as integration with job openings database.

One way of simplifying navigation was found in generating the menu on the left completely automatically. As the hospital has an enormous amount of content the navigation often gets unwieldy. We solved this issue by filtering the navigation menu to show only relevant links for the page a user is visiting.

From the UX perspective, another approach to facilitate navigation was by keeping a header of the website visually consistent for any kind of page within a hospital, so that the user easily can trace in which section of a hospital he/she is in.


Personalizing the digital patient experience leads to a much more streamlined flow of information and smoother customer experience navigating the hospital healthcare system.



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