About AppDynamics

Based in San Francisco and founded in 2008, AppDynamics offers an Application Intelligence Platform that enables the enterprise to monitor, manage, and optimize challenges in the software environment. It specializes in Application Performance Management (APM) as well as IT Operations Analytics (ITOA).

  • Brands that trust AppDynamics: Amtrack, Pearson, WeightWatchers, Sony, Yahoo, and more.
  • Recent Achievements: Gartner Leader in Application Performance Management
How We Work Together

Appnovation is a licensed reseller partner and provides implementation services for AppDynamics. Contact us today to enable true Application Intelligence.

Products We Resell
Application Performance Management
Monitors and manages complex software applications to resolve performance issues.
Mobile Real-User Monitoring
Improve performance, quality, and engagement in mobile applications with monitoring and optimization.
Browser Real-User Monitoring
Monitors and manages the website performance to maximize the user experience.
Database Monitoring
Monitors, manages, and optimizes your database performance with visual reports.
Server Monitoring
Identifies performance issues on server and resolves before the issues escalate.
Application Analytics
Optimizes business and IT performance with real-time reports.
Browser Synthetic Monitoring
Assesses website availability and performance with cloud-based synthetic monitoring
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