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Alkan Air Freight Tracking App Development

Alkan Air, is a leading air charter service for the Yukon Territory, offering charter services to remote locations and air ambulance services for medical evacuation. Based in Whitehorse, the charter business is focused on mining and exploration, carrying valuable freight such as gold samples from the mines for analysis.

Alkan Air wanted to move to a mobile freight tracking system that would track this valuable cargo and give accountability and peace of mind  for customers. The app needed to be very simple and intuitive for freight loaders and dispatchers to use.

The iPhone app had to be very simple and intuitive for the dispatchers and freight loaders to use on the airfield. Alkan Air charters operate 24/7 during the April to October season, so the app needed to be ready in time for the season and reliable throughout.

Conquer Mobile, whose mobile division has been acquired by Appnovation, engaged with Alkan in October. Within a month, the team had a working wireframe prototype on site for evaluation. This rapid turnaround with a working prototype was critical to the project’s success. Alkan users were able to quickly spot areas for refinement, to better fit the way they work. By February, the app was ready for testing on the tarmac.

The app enables plane loaders to quickly select the flight, itemize freight and details of origin, destination, weight and storage location. When the plane takes off, an email is sent to the customer, for instance a mine, with the freight list and flight details. Similarly on landing an email is sent to the customer.

Just like tracking a FedEx parcel, customers can track the freight in transit, in storage or at the destination.

On plane arrival, a notification email is again sent to the customer and the app tracks receiving of the freight and moving to storage in a warehouse, freezer, cooler or office and dispatch to couriers for final delivery.

Alkan Air, Conquer Mobile, mobile experience, mobile development, mobile experts
Alkan Air, Conquer Mobile, mobile experience, mobile development, mobile experts
Project Highlights
  • Alkan Air can be even more accountable to customers, offering more peace of mind over their valuable freight.
  • App Perfected and Delivered for Flying Season
  • Alkan’s Full Charter Service Equipped with New Customer-Ready Mobile Freight Management System
  • iOS
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