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Appnovation Acquires - Conquer Mobile's Service Division

NGrain Virtual 3D Experience

NGRAIN, creates innovative interactive 3D simulation training software, giving a virtual hands-on experience. NGRAIN’s goal was to get their high performance Windows-based core rendering graphics engine working on the iPad, to enable new groups of users and open up new business opportunities. NGRAIN had already achieved a high level of efficiency and performance on Windows PCs and wanted to match that on iOS.

NGRAIN has a highly sophisticated graphics engine at the core of its product and has set a new standard in technical simulation training. They needed very specific capabilities and reviewed countless development shops for a suitable match. They selected Conquer Mobile, whose mobile services division has been acquired by Appnovation, based on depth of experience and domain knowledge.

With many years’ experience designing gaming software at EA, Conquer Mobile’s senior technical consultants had exactly the right low level graphics expertise.

The team very quickly produced a working prototype for the iPad, and then focused on honing the performance to achieve the incremental performance increase NGRAIN hoped for. Throughout the project, NGRAIN and Conquer Mobile technical teams met face to face for weekly status updates. This proved to be a huge advantage in developing strong communications between the teams.



Conquer Mobile, 3D Mobile experience, Appnovation, NGrain
Conquer Mobile, 3D Mobile experience, Appnovation, NGrain
Project Highlights
  • NGRAIN Core Rendering Engine Fully Functional on iPad
  • Enhanced Engine Performance
  • NGRAIN’s Sales Team Enabled (for pursuing Military Defense Mobile Solutions)
  • NGRAIN To Develop Next Generation Augmented Reality Solutions
  • iOS
  • Android
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