NRG Energy

Alfresco Upgrade

Alfresco Upgrade - Community to Enterprise Migration

NRG Energy (NRG) is a Fortune 300 energy company known for being largest solar power developer in America. NRG’s specialized power generating facilities have the capacity to support 40 million homes across the nation. 

NRG Solar is the largest division of NRG, and one of the largest solar companies in the world. Over the years and through its numerous acquisitions, the solar company accumulated a tremendous amount of documentation. Needing a software solution and a partner to help build it, NRG contacted Appnovation to work with their solar division to develop a custom intranet upgrading them to the Alfresco Enterprise Edition from Community.

Intranet Upgrade, Alfresco
Alfresco Development, NRG Energy
Project Highlights
  • Upgraded existing intranet
  • Migrated from Alfresco Community to Enterprise Edition
  • Customized Alfresco-based intranet to meet evolving company needs
  • Alfresco
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