BMI Research Project: Time, Cost, Workflow Solutions Delivery Project

BMI Research Project: Time, Cost, Workflow Solutions Delivery Project
BMI Research is a research firm that provides macroeconomic, industry and financial market analysis. The company covers 24 industries, and operates in 200 global markets.

Delivered 33%reduction time for site editors
50% reduction in article/report creation cost due to new process
Improved workflow for the article creation, allowing easier feedback process

Services Used

Development and Integration
Managed Services and Support

Built With

Drupal 8

Project Overview

Appnovation was engaged to deliver a new, streamlined and organized Media Publishing platform for BMI. After a thorough discovery process, undertaken to determine the best digital solution, the scope of work deliverables tabled and accepted by the client and development team.

With the client's approval, the Appnovation team set about implementing, from scratch, a brand-new Media Publishing platform. BMIs platform was delivered as per the requirement, allowing BMI analysts to write, build and publish complex reports in both web and PDF formats, something which they had not previously been able to do.

Due to the efficient functionality selected and included by the development team, this platform was able to accommodate the include the full report life cycle in the form of a workflow, where different roles (e.g. analysts, sub-editors, production) were and are able to participate and contribute. The new platform was also fully integrated with BMI's legacy systems, with Appnovation further engaged to provide maintenance and support for the new site.

To ensure no data or informational flow was jeopardised, Appnovation's team also migrated all reports and corresponding articles from the last two years. The BMI publishing platform was based on a combination of a customized Alfresco CMS and a Microsoft Word plugin, therefore lacking modern web editorial features. Due to the high level of customizations that were implemented on top of Alfresco, an upgrade was almost impossible without rewriting part of the implementation. 

Appnovation ultimately delivered a well designed, expertly developed, and incredibly streamlined, providing yet another digital solution to another satisfied client. 

"Appnovation's approach to communication is very much that of a bespoke concierge service; concerned as much with the old school care that facilitates relationships as it is with the paperwork that enables it. A perfect marriage of flexibility and comprehensive documentation creates a very rarely enjoyed truly consultative and accommodating approach to what is a truly mutually transparent relationship."

Chris Poel
IT Director
BMI, appnovation, drupal 8, drupal development, digital solutions, digital consultants
Results and Deliverables
  • Created editorial workflow using content moderation module in combination with some business rules
  • Completed Integration with current BMI Active Directory for authentication and role mapping, achieved by leveraging the LDAP Module
  • Moved from MS Word-based editing process to Drupal contents, where the article/report is composed of different components (e.g. Swot analysis, Table, Graphic, etc..). Appnovation’s team leveraged the Paragraphs module to provide a simple and user-friendly way to write contents
  • Conversion of reports (Drupal contents) in high fidelity PDFs ready for printing. To achieve this, we leveraged and built a full integration with the DocRaptor/PrinceXML technologies, in combination with a strategy of different view modes in Drupal
  • Integration with BMI legacy systems (e.g. middleware)
  • Integration with Apache Solr for providing advanced search functionality
  • Integration with nanospell plugin in ckeditor by building a custom Drupal module
  • Implementation of a visual diff functionality where the users could visually identify better differences between revisions
  • Implementation of a ckeditor comments addon where the users can highlight and provide comments directly in the ckeditor
  • Migrated more than 80.000 reports/articles from Alfresco, where the migration sources are based, on Alfresco metadata and Word document. To achieve this, we built a set of exporting scripts in Node.js that could extract the Metadata from Alfresco, and parse the Word documents, converting them in a format that can be handled by Drupal.
  • Setup a Drupal 8 docker environment, including integration with Solr and OpenLdap instances. This was the kind of setup that was flexible enough, and permitted quick onboarding of new developers
  • During the project implementation, we submitted patches to some of the contributed modules we used.
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