Connected Thinking

Envision some of the most inspired digital thinkers, business people and leaders from various fields, across the country and around the world – all coming together to talk, show, question and answer – stepping back from their daily routines to delve deeply into a world of ideas, thought, and discussion.

Under the IDEAS Center umbrella, the Council initiative brings together a select group of digital leaders from progressive organizations to draw on the group’s collective knowledge and collaboratively explore innovative solutions.

Why Join:

  • Right people, at the right level, in the same room
  • Wealth of experience & wisdom
  • Explore new ideas & inspiration
  • Discuss real challenges & opportunities with viable alternatives
  • Get smart on cross-industry & geographical best practices
  • Quality networking opportunities

The Power of Peer Learning

Engaging relationships with trusted peers is at the heart of the council experience. Led by Appnovation, IDEAS Council aims to facilitate rich conversations among peers who face similar challenges and opportunities with the evolution of technology. These conversations provide clients with a broader perspective and shared experiences, as well as access to specific knowledge and best practices.


Tracks & Discussion Groups
Featured Industry Verticals
Featured Industry Verticals

Sample Topics:

  • Topic: Convergence of Health & Non-Health Data
  • Topic: Healthcare Transformation: What's on the Horizon?
Emerging Technologies & Trends
Emerging Technologies & Trends

Sample Topics:

  • Topic: Blockchain and its Implications for your Industry
  • Topic: Cross-Platform Conversational User Experiences
Digital Transformation & Integration
Digital Transformation & Integration

Sample Topics:

  • Topic: Harnessing The Power of the Customer Journey
  • Topic: Overcoming Cultural Obstacles to Digital Change
Consumer Intelligence & Insights
Consumer Intelligence & Insights

Sample Topics:

  • Topic: Emerging Models and Digital Customer Segmentation Approaches
  • Topic: Fueling an Analytics Driven Culture Across the Enterprise
Council Composition & Becoming a Member

Council Composition

IDEAS Council is a membership-based community with members from across varied industries and geographies. Membership is for individuals and is extended to:

  • Digital leaders from enterprise – representing diverse groups of digital professionals that strive for excellence
  • Thought-leaders, academia, innovators, disruptors and influencers who are game changers in their fields.





Becoming a member: Must apply (see below form), be invited or nominated.

Required information:

  • Personal & company demographic information
  • Role, responsibility & experience
  • Key projects & noteworthy achievements

Council members are typically chosen for skills and experience necessary to build a balanced perspective. Membership is currently FREE, however, Appnovation is looking for representation from varied industries and reserves the right to qualify an individual for Council membership.

Council Meetings




Track Planning Meetings:

  • One planning session every quarter where members come together to define and add topics

  • New groups/topics can only be added to the upcoming quarter

  • The duration of track planning meetings range between 2-3 hours


Group Discussions Meetings:

  • Organized meetings are quarterly and virtually hosted

  • Each topic will have maximum of 4 meetings per year

  • A topic expires after 1 year from the date of first meeting

  • The duration of meetings range between 2 hours and up to one day

Considerations For Topics

The goal is to provide participating members with an innovation edge by jointly addressing technology opportunities and coordinating the efforts/ideas from across industries.

The topics should:

  • Be broad enough to generate wide range of lively discussion and active for about 1 year

  • Be timely, offer real-life business application and deepen understanding of the track

  • Help the attendee to take learnings back to their organization to shape investment and deploy resources

Remember: No commercial, political or religious agendas, or polarizing, “us vs. them” topics are allowed.


Member Obligations & Expectations

As a member you are committing to:

  • Mandatory participation in the Track Planning Meeting

  • Collective topic selection

  • Mandatory participation in all subscribed Discussion Groups

  • Prepare relevant discussion/presentation materials

  • Showcase innovative initiatives/case studies (with lessons learned) relevant to the Discussion

  • Demonstrate thought leadership, ask questions, be engaged

  • Act professionally – please remember fellow members don’t give advice; they speak from experience, letting you draw your own conclusions

A member shall cease to be a member of the Discussion Group:

  • If the member is not in attendance for more than 1 planned Discussion Group meeting

A member shall cease to be a member of the Council:

  • If the member is not in attendance for 2 consecutive track planning meetings

  • On failing to abide by membership code of ethics

  • On delivering a member cancellation request to Appnovation

The members of the Council will not receive any remuneration for acting as such. If required, all travel cost to be borne by individual member.

Become A Member

Member Code of Ethics

COMPETENCE: Obtain and maintain a level of competence, and ensure that no misrepresentation of qualifications or competence occurs.

INTEGRITY: Conduct all professional practices honestly, fairly, in good faith, with integrity, & with due care – do not consciously associate with any report, statement, or representation known to be false or misleading.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Hold in strict confidence, except as required by law, all information concerning the business and affairs of the employer/client/stakeholder acquired in the course of the professional relationship, and do not use this information for personal gain.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Remain aware of any real, perceived, or potential situations in conflict of interest with the employer/client/stakeholder. Disclose any influence, interest, or relationship that impairs professional judgment or objectivity.

PUBLIC CONFIDENCE: Endeavor to enhance the dignity and reputation of both the profession and the Council.


Appnovation's Responsibilities to the Council

Appnovation to:

  • Qualify and appoint individuals for the council membership
  • Govern and manage all Discussion Group topics
  • Set up invites, meetings and agendas
  • Facilitate & preside over council meeting in a manner that encourages participation, information sharing and confidentiality
  • Serve as ex-officio member of each track
  • Set up and uphold Council code of conduct
  • Post meeting, circulate the notes, actions and findings of the meeting to the members within 7 days