Client Testimonials

Will Kaufman

Sr. Digital Producer & Jira Administrator

"Working with Appnovation inspired confidence and brought efficiency to our JIRA migration project. Their team was very knowledgeable and helpful, worked quickly and effectively while clearly communicating, and completed a painless migration early and under budget."

Madhavan Ramanujam

Partner & Board Member

“As we are growing, we need to constantly update our website and provide our clients and job applicants with quality content. We selected to hire Appnovation in order to achieve this goal and provide an engaging and compelling experience to our website users.”

Chris Larson

Senior Vice President

"Working with the team at Appnovation was a very collaborative, flexible process, delivering impressive results to help drive TCL’s success in the consumer electronics industry."

Timothy Moore

BART, Web Service Manager - Office of the CIO

"Appnovation was selected to partner with Bay Area Rapid Transit for our website migration project from a proprietary CMS to Drupal. It was a very complex migration and we had a short timebox. Despite the overwhelming scheduling challenges, Appnovation completed amazing work: the quality of the code, the thoroughness of the testing, the high velocity in turnaround was incredible to watch."

Dory Hicks

Santa Clara Family Health Plan Interim CIO

"SCFHP engaged Appnovation to assist with a troubled Web Content Project for which we were facing regulatory tight deadlines. We asked that they step in quickly, and provide all support needed to ensure completion of our needs to meet the deadline and ensure compliant content placement. Their team, from top down were amazing and provided top notch support to our team, and has continued to be a great partner as we move to a relationship in which they will assist with content management long term. Appnovation has proven to be a great solution for SCFHP and will long remain in my preferred solutions vendor library in my consulting practice, even beyond my current Interim CIO role with SCFHP!"

Shadrach Kisten

SVP Information Technology, Sesame Workshop

"We’re pleased to work with Appnovation to help manage the engaging educational media we produce for children around the world - content that helps them grow smarter, stronger and kinder."

Ana Steflea

Solutions Manager & Chief of TAOSS of the ITS Division at the WTO

"The STDF needs a website which better reflects their significance and the scope of their work. Appnovation has impressed us with their focused yet sensitive approach to our needs and we have been very happy with the caliber of the team who have worked with us."

Laura Skosnik

Kobo, Product Owner

"Appnovation focused on working very collaboratively with Kobo to create a joint team. The team used Agile Scrum methodologies with one week sprints including planning meetings, product demos, daily scrums and retrospectives. This ensured that Kobo had complete visibility into the project and could make important decisions based on all the information from the team. The Team was actively involved and empowered to come up with solutions and take a consultative approach with the client. Sprint planning was used to track and re-prioritize project goals to ensure we would hit key dates with Microsoft deliverables. Our team responded well to the Agile Scrum methodology. Everyone was in the scrum meetings at the same time each day and accountable to each other no matter where they were located in the globe. The team also created a joint Skype chat where you could pose questions to the global team or create quick break-out call with a few members to quickly resolve issues."

Bill Jones

Cisco Project Manager

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the team members at Appnovation whose hard work and dedication made this a successful release!"

Paul Lorilla

Isa Mundo Founder

"Appnovation’s passion to use their expertise and talented people to create a platform that is modern and user friendly has created an exciting opportunity for our organization to launch something new and innovative. By committing to work with the Volcanes Primary School and its teachers, parents, and students, Appnovation will not only improve access to education, but will also empower community members to reverse the situations and challenges that have hindered their progress."

Nathan Walker

Senior Software Engineer, Infowrap

"The expertise brought to the table by Appnovation's team was key to helping Infowrap launch its native apps in the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. These guys work hard, very hard. We were amazed at every point of contact to learn they were navigating our issues and helping to shape a successful product regardless of the difficult challenges that were seemingly always in play."

Renee Black

PeaceGeeks Executive Director

"Technology is playing an increasingly important role in peace and human rights issues worldwide, and we strongly believe that the private sector has a vital role to play in advancing the application of tech for good. By reaching out to PeaceGeeks to offer their expertise, time, and talent, Appnovation is leading the way by helping to empower civil society leaders around the world to address challenging issues facing their communities."

Paul Holda

Pfizer Manager - Client Partner, Business Technology

"This has been the smoothest project I have worked on in my 5 years of digital at PCH! This is a result of the collective great efforts at Tribal to work closely with the business clients on the great design, and the excellent development / project management of Appnovation."

Brian Boyer

Mercy Health Systems, Manager Application Development

"Partnering with Appnovation and utilizing their Drupal Alfresco integration solution has enabled us to create a world class policy maintenance tool, along with an awesome foundation for us to create innovative ways for us to collaborate and manage documents. This is just the beginning."

Caroline Beteta

President & CEO of Visit California

"Appnovation was the right strategic choice for Visit California. The company’s creativity and innovation will allow us to continue to Dream Big through our digital marketing program, while sharing the California lifestyle through compelling content and an engaging online experience."

Chris Poel

IT Director

"Appnovation's approach to communication is very much that of a bespoke concierge service; concerned as much with the old school care that facilitates relationships as it is with the paperwork that enables it. A perfect marriage of flexibility and comprehensive documentation creates a very rarely enjoyed truly consultative and accommodating approach to what is a truly mutually transparent relationship."