The digital shift was coming all along – the pandemic simply moved the timeline up. Whether you were prepared for the next normal or not, research has shown that many of the changes in customer behavior are here to stay. The heightened reliance on digital channels in a customer’s journey puts the onus on your marketing teams to deliver personalized and meaningful experiences – right now. 

But are your content strategies ready to support your goals? The answer lies in moving towards agile content delivery and putting content atomization at the center of it. Let’s talk key considerations and solutions.

Your customers are changing – change with them

There was a time when marketers could break down audiences by demographic and get consistent responses to marketing messages. Today, a 50-year-old woman from one part of the world could have buying habits similar to that of a 25-year-old man in another. Demographics are a good starting point – but that alone doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time to dive deeper into psychographics and pay attention to customer behavior patterns instead.

Speaking of psychographics – customers are online more than ever before and gravitate to content that resonates with them. If you want them to engage with your brand instead of the thousands of other options at their disposal, give them what they need; not what you want. Putting the focus on your customers will have long-lasting benefits when it comes to engagement and loyalty.

Build you brand – or be left behind

Build your brand – or be left behind

We’ve heard this question before – is there any value in branding anymore? Unfiltered truth – If you aren’t already working on enhancing brand recall, you’ve already fallen behind. 

Customers are no longer looking to buy things; they are looking to enhance and add value to their lifestyle. Consumer loyalty is reserved for brands that align with their values. As an organization, look to your brand integrity to effectively communicate and actively demonstrate your core values. If you aren’t communicating at this level, you’re looking at a long uphill battle to earning loyalty – one you may never win.

Atomize content for personalized experiences

Revisiting a site that remembers your likes and dislikes is a subtle way to personalize content to optimize CX. But that’s only the beginning. Consumers today are demanding more personalization – and it would be impossible to achieve this without content atomization.

At every stage in their journey, customers seek out answers to a different set of questions. Does that mean you create new content every time? No. You atomize content and make it work harder for you. We could keep writing about it but this video says it all.

If you found that interesting, you’ll want to check out Scott Wassmer, GM of America and Andrew Dunbar, GM of Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Appnovation in conversation with Bridget Perry from Contentful and Danny Wright from Adweek – in Adweek’s Spotlight “The Future of Content in an Omni-Channel World”. They discuss in detail the challenges organizations around the world are facing and the solutions they can implement right now to create experiences that drive high engagement.

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