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Drupal is the #1 platform for web content management systems. It powers millions of websites in more than 180 languages, with a massive online community with more than 26,000 constantly building and sharing themes and resources.

Today, we have a vibrant, engaged, and active talent pool, fueled significantly by millennial values. This talent source is where companies must learn to better understand people, while building a compelling brand.

Thinking globally and acting locally is an important part of the holidays.

This December, Appnovation is delighted to feature an executive spotlight interview with Warren H. Wong, our Senior Vice President of Talent & Culture.

FINALLY! You finally have found the perfect pearl for your company! Your new outstanding hire has successfully passed all the steps of your recruitment process, references checked, and confirmed they are the one you need.

With the growing popularity and prevalence of Drupal 8, many Drupal development companies are slowly edging away from supporting earlier versions.


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