All enterprises know the challenges and resources it takes to embark on new projects or scale up existing ones. Preparing the infrastructure, providing security and back ups of all the data, and staying up to date and competitive after the project is over are some of the challenges businesses have to face without forgetting about the main project.

Would it not be nice to have a tool to do all that in a very simple manner so you could focus on a product of the highest quality for your clients?

Fortunately those kinds of tools already exist in cloud services.

Cloud services provide everything a company needs to be highly productive and competitive, allowing them to spend man-power on projects and clients without worrying about the rest.

Out of the many cloud service providers that exist nowadays, there is one that excels and whose innovations have change the world we live in today: Google Cloud Platform.

Here are three reason why Google Cloud Platform should be consider a first choice when choosing to make your business soar or deciding to move from your current cloud.

1) Leverage Google’s amazing infrastructure:

Google is the owner of one of the most advanced and large computer networks, with thousands of miles of fibre optic cables even running along the ocean floor!

In addition, Google has presence in multiple locations in the world. Your data is automatically mirrored across multiple storage locations providing incredible backup. Google’s software-defined network also allows caching in order to deliver your data fast no matter where in the world you or your clients might be.

Moreover, by using Google Cloud Platform you automatically have access to all of the cutting edge Google tools that exist and the ones that are to come! By having access to Google’s innovative and powerful tools, you will benefit from a competitive advantage and keep your business at the edge of technological advances.

Tools such as the Google app engine and BigQuery will allow you to build your applications fast and to query multi-terabyte datasets in seconds, giving your business a competitive edge.

2) Focus on your project and choose the services that fit you:

With Google cloud platform you can focus on delivering a quality product without having to worry about all the administration tasks. Google does this for you!

Google will manage all your databases, servers and their configurations, make your reports and give you statistics on customer usage, and more, while you can focus in building your application.

In addition, Google has many familiar tools that your developers can use in order to build your products fast, and exactly the way your clients want.

As if this wasn't enough, you can completely personalize your services and products in order to specifically match the needs of your business. Whether it is choosing virtual machines, data stores, big data analytics, etc, you can select from a large pool of tools and services to match all your needs for a very affordable price or even for free.

3) Reliable performance:

People like having access to data fast, so every millisecond counts. With google you will have fast and consistent performance on CPU, Disk, and Memory. With the data redundancy they provide and with their state of the art global network and maintenance you can rest assured that your machines will never go down.

This reliability that you can enjoy will be shared by customers of your business, who can have fast access to their data 24 hours a day every day of the year.

In summary, taking your enterprise to the next level is an arduous task; going in the clouds is a great advantage for you and your clients. Having services to match your specific company needs, enjoying low latency and 24/7 access to data, and leveraging services and support while focusing on your product are some of the advantages of opting for Google Cloud Platform when deciding to take your business and your clients to the next level.

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