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Alfresco Activiti 1.3

By paladro
Oct. 14, 2015

Until now, the only way of designing workflows has been using the Eclipse Activiti plugin, but the last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity to try the Alfresco Activiti 1.3 standalone version, and I have to say that is awesome!

First of all I want to talk about the designers. You can design your workflow using the traditional BPMN editor where you can create process definitions using the full power of BPMN 2.0. You build your process by dragging and dropping from a palette of grouped components to a canvas on which your process diagram is built.


The Step Editor guides you through creating a business process with a sequence of simple steps. The processes you create using the step editor do not exploit the full power of BPMN 2.0 like those created by the BPMN editor, but you can use it to design both simple and quite complex process models, without knowledge of BPMN 2.0

As part of the workflow, you can design your own forms. The form editor provides a powerful drag and drop interface to let you design forms from a rich set of controls. You can define form outcomes and create forms with multiple tabs. Individual controls and whole tabs can be made visible depending on the value of other form fields and process variables. You can design your form with groups of controls in varying numbers of columns.

Once you have your workflow designed, you can create an application where you can deploy as many workflows as you want. You will have this application available in the homepage to make it easier for the user.

Some interesting features are:

- To be able to see your progress in the workflow diagram

- To be able to download an audit log to see all the steps and all the information about the process

- To be able to get an analytics report about your process (i.e how long did each task take to complete...)

You can also:

- Synchronize AD or LDAP users

- Set up a cluster

- Publish documents in Alfresco Repository or Alfresco Cloud

- Use a Share connector to start and run Activiti processes and tasks in an Alfresco Share environment. 

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