Load Balancing Alfresco with Apache

October 7
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Alfresco is an Enterprise ready Content Management and Repository system that can support the Document needs of pretty much any organization. A common way of running Alfresco (in fact the default way) is via the Apache Tomcat server. Tomcat has very good load balancing support using an Apache module called mod_jk. This module, in conjunction with Tomcat, supports full system fail-over including failing over session data to an active Tomcat instance. You can use mod_jk with Alfresco to build a very reliable and robust ECM installation. Here are steps to get Alfresco load balancing working under Apache. The instructions here assume a RHEL/CentOS flavour of Linux, but should be applicable to other flavours.

1. Install Apache sudo yum install httpd

2. Install mod_jk from the RPM which can be found at: http://greenmice.info/en/comment/reply/152?quote=1. Mod_jk is an Apache module that provides a number of services to Apache for interacting with a Tomcat server.

sudo rpm -i mod_jk-ap20-1.2.31-2.x86_64

3. Create a "workers.properties" file and store it in/etc/httpd/conf

# Define 2 real worker using ajp13 worker.list=worker1 worker2 router worker.router.type=lb worker.router.balance_workers=worker1, worker2 worker.router.sticky_session=True # Set properties for worker1 (ajp13) # Server 1 worker.worker1.type=ajp13 worker.worker1.host= worker.worker1.port=8009 worker.worker1.lbfactor=1 # Server 2 worker.worker2.type=ajp13 worker.worker2.host= worker.worker2.port=8009 worker.worker2.lbfactor=1

4. Modify httpd.conf and add the following to the end of the file to setup mod_jk:

LoadModule jk_module modules/mod_jk.so JkWorkersFile conf/workers.properties JkLogFile "logs/mod_jk.log" JkLogLevel info JkLogStampFormat "[%a %b %d %H:%M:%S %Y]" JkRequestLogFormat "%w %V %T" JkMount /* router

5. Restart Apache

6. Modify Alfresco's server.xml located in /tomcat/conf/server.xml The value "jvmRoute=worker1" must contain the appropriate name of the worker on each of the Alfresco installs and must match the name values located in the workers.properties file created in step 3 above.

7. Modify alfresco's and share's web.xml files on each node to include the directive. These files are located at: /tomcat/webapps/share/WEB-INF/web.xml /tomcat/webapps/alfresco/WEB-INF/web.xml Should look like this: Alfresco Project Slingshot Alfresco Project Slingshot application

8. Restart Alfresco

9. You should now be able to access: http:///share which will be load balanced over the 2 nodes with full session failover.