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September 22
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Magento Commerce is the new name for Enterprise Edition and Enterprise Cloud Edition. This is the licensed version of Magento’s commerce offerings and it is now assumed that when referring to Magento Commerce it’s the “Cloud” version. When talking about the non-cloud version, it’s referred to as Magento Commerce on-Prem (on Premise).

With Magento’s push into the cloud, this was inevitable.

And, the version number (i.e., the “2” in Magento 2) has been dropped. It’s simply Magento Commerce. For example, one could declare, “We’re migrating from Magento 1 EE to Magento Commerce” and be perfectly correct.

Magento Open Source has taken the place of Community Edition, which is the non-licensed version of Magento. It makes a lot of sense to pull the “community” aspect from this version’s name. Community is such an integral part of the overall ecosphere, it great to see this recognized. In addition, “Open Source” better describes the version’s existence as free and open.

Magento Order Management (MOM) formerly known as Magento Commerce Order Management, had “Commerce” dropped from its name. While MCOM seems to roll off the tongue a bit more readily than MOM, the word “Commerce” is just redundant.

Magento Business Intelligence (MBI) from various other names ends up where is should have started… A wonderful BI tool that amps up the capabilities of the commerce team—allows for a real data driven organization.

These changes do feel appropriate and are a welcomed update to Magento’s product offerings.