When Your Tool Box Isn't Enough

November 1, 2018
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Sr. Technical Lead - Atlassian Expert

I'm in London this week, working with a large global financial indexing company to solution and design a system to manage indices, indices builds and delivery using #atlassian #jira and #confluence.

The world of finance never ceases to amaze me. The complexity of it exceeds anything I have done in aerospace, healthcare and software development industries in my 25 years working in technology and over 13 years specializing in Atlassian.

It's not often I find myself challenged in ways to implement a solution using #Atlassian tools but this is one of those occasions where we must think outside the box. My job is to solve problems, not push a particular product because it is my specialty. Sometimes the tools you have in your tool box aren’t the right tools to complete the job. This is one of those cases.

The client engagement started out as fairly straight forward Jira Service Desk Implementation. Which, in large organizations means, hold on, the scope will increase exponentially! After several discovery meetings we found (which is usually the case) the project will have an impact on several orgs within the Enterprise.

Fast forward and the next thing you know we were asked to take a look at the Index management and delivery pipeline and how we could leverage the tools we have built for the CS team to help the Index Management team create a process to manage indices and adhere to the new EU Benchmark Regulations that went into effect in January, 2018. The need to track new indices has become a critical component of how a this large global financial indexing company conducts their business, so we have to get this right.

The Problem |

This is where we realized that the Atlassian stack and the extensive Atlassian Marketplace alone, would not be able to do the job. Now, I know what you’re thinking… How is that possible? (smile) For a guy that can extend Jira and Confluence to places it was never meant to go, this was a little hard to swallow. But, I also know, the number one priority of my job, is to make the clients job easier. For the most part, we could do it just using Jira and Confluence and some clever use of 3rd party apps. However, the solution would be complex, hard to manage and most importantly, would not make the clients job easier. So we took off our Atlassian Super Hero capes and started thinking of ways to do it and still be able integrate it back into the core solution which is Jira and Confluence.

The Solution |

Using Jira Software, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Portfolio and Confluence to support the teams, the requests, process and releases. Then a custom database and app with a web front end, using a combination of java, spring boot and Angular. Which is tightly integrated with the Atlassian stack, we are building a database that will maintain thousands of indices, the process it takes to create them and manage them, all tied back to an initial request that comes through Jira Service Desk. The combination of these tools will make this a very scale-able, reliable and innovative solution. I am excited for the #appnovation Atlassian team and I to start building this one! Stay tuned, there will definitely be a white paper coming!