Leicestershire County Council

Drupal Build and Development

Drupal Build and Development
Leicestershire County Council is the county council for the English non-metropolitan county of Leicestershire. It was originally formed in 1889 by the Local Government Act 1888. The county is divided into 52 electoral divisions, which return a total of 55 councillors. The Conservative Party controls the council. The leader of the county council is currently Nick Rushton, who was elected to the post in September 2012. Leicestershire County Council wanted to radically change its position on the use of its web site to maximize the benefits of the site for the people of Leicestershire. Following extensive research and testing with Fluent Interaction, the new approach will feature a user centered design, on a remotely hosted and managed Drupal open CMS to create a flexible, lightweight, task driven experience. Appnovation provided an intuitive integrated interface allowing for management of content by Leicestershire County Council content managers, including multiples levels of access control. The new site is easy to use and has a powerful search interface for end users, connected with Apache Solr, improving the speed and relevancy of search results.
Drupal Build and Development
Drupal Build and Development
Project Highlights
  • Able to implement changes quickly
  • Flexible and lightweight with improved user experience
  • An improved search engine for all the site content
  • On site training to ensure that the Leicestershire County Council editors and administrators understand the technical intricacies of the solution
  • Drupal
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