Appnovation Delivers Drupal 8 Site for Agropur, Canada's Largest Dairy Company

This past week saw the official launch of the new, Appnovation developed Drupal 8 site of major client, AGROPUR CO-OPERATIVE. Agropur is the largest Canadian dairy company, with over 8,000 employees across Canada and the US. Known for their wide range of cheese and milk products (i.e. Natrel, Sealtest, Lucerne, Ultima), this company is both an important client for Appnovation, as well as a major addition to the company's Drupal 8 and North American portfolios

Using Drupal 8, Acquia Cloud, Content Hub, and Acquia Lift, Agropur's digital redesign project encompassed three main elements:

  • Improving the global digital presence of Agropur and its brands
  • Promoting the consumption of fine cheeses to the Canadian consumers and businesses
  • Creating a centralized platform to manage digital content and consolidation of critical data

Appnovation were in charge of the development of the digital platform, the new site, and the future site


This is yet another sign that Appnovation is in the business of more than site architecture and development, as it continues to deliver complete digital strategies, by harnessing the full potential of open technologies.

As we say on our site, Open Digital Delivered.