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September 13
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Appnovation Developer Delivers More Drupal 8 Community Contributions

Hot on the heels of being appointed a maintainer of the Drupal 8 content moderation, Appnovation’s senior Drupal developer, Tim Millwood, is back in the headlines. Having been a core contributor for many years, his inclusion in another respected Drupal forum, further showcases his status as one of the leading voices in Drupal development.

In a recent article and podcast, The Secret Sauce: The State of Workbench in Drupal 8, Director of Professional Services at Palantir, Ken Rickard, discussed the exciting new developments that Drupal 8 has brought to Workbench, and how Tim is such an important part of continued advances in the Drupal development arena.

As Appnovation continues to promote and prove the company’s commitment to Drupal 8 development, their senior Drupal development team goes from strength to strength. With contributions such as this latest one by Tim Millwood, it is clear that Appnovation’s already impressive Drupal development credentials, continue to be reinforced.

Tim has been involved with the workflow initiative since day one, and is an integral part of the module acceleration program. In his conversation, Rickard was keen to stress both Tim’s important to Drupal 8 development, as well as the advances that Drupal 8 delivers for Workbench.

As Ken Rickard explained, “Tim’s been around the Drupal community for quite a long time (and is) taking over the workbench moderation in core project, which is going to be called ‘content moderation’. He’s got a first iteration that’s almost ready to be committed into core.

But it was yesterday, as we record this, that I made Tim Millwood a maintainer of Workbench Moderation, so that he could work on a 2.X branch, an 8.2 branch of that module, which would just be an upgrade path for current users of the module when the core module goes in.

So you can replace what you’re doing in the Workbench module with the core module going forward…so that’s really exciting”

With Drupal 8 development fast becoming front and center, Appnovation's goal is to ensure that their senior developers stay ahead of the game, as their core contributions keep on coming.

As a global technology enabled services provider, Appnovation is active in delivering superior web and mobile solutions, using technologies such as Drupal, MuleSoft, and Atlassian. With Appnovation’s commitment to the vision of powering the world through open technologies, they continue to provide premier web development and managed services, and innovative products for clients across many industries.