Business Challenge

When Cisco needed a cloud-based, digital development  for their ‘On-Demand’ platform, it was to deliver a digital solution, designed to advance UX, and create an engaging digital experience for Cisco site users. 

Cisco is a San Jose, California-based, multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells networking solutions. Our project? To design and develop Cisco’s On Demand Solutions Center (a SaaS product), a cloud-based community-centric application. 

Designed to support customer problem resolution,  while improving customer satisfaction and controlling expenses, this needed to be more than an online forum, it needed to be an integrated digital experience, driven by Drupal.

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

What did the client want? Cisco was looking to migrate their static HTML site to a more robust PHP driven site, and develop a design solution for their marketing site. Seeking a fresh look and feel, the client also required mobile device optimization and support; What was needed? Technological innovation to deliver a digital experience. 

Appnovation leveraged Cisco’s existing server stack to create a superior site; easier to update, enhanced features and performance, all incorporating our innovative front-end technologies. Users can now access information from a variety of devices, creating a vastly upgraded user experience, and a design that delivers.  Ultimately the Appnovation team provided an on demand solutions marketing center that was responsively designed for mobile friendliness, multilingual capable and came with drastically improved loading times. 


We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the team members at Appnovation whose hard work and dedication made this a successful release!

Bill Jones

Project Manager, Cisco